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Chinese Gomphrena Globe Amarant Dried Flower Tea Floral Tea Herbal Tea

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What is Gomphrena Globosa Herbal Tea?

Gomphrena Globosa, also called Red Globe Amaranth Flower, literally translates to 'Thousand Days Red' due to the long blooming period of this flower. 

Few things compare to the beauty or give as much delight than a vase full of fresh flowers. Unfortunately, that beauty is often fleeting as the petals fade and whither in a few short days. Although, as with most rules, there is an exception as globe amaranth is one of few annuals that weeks later, is as attractive as the day it was picked.

The unique bracts on these long-lasting cut flowers, known as “Everlasting flowers”, such as globe amaranth, straw flowers, and xeranthemums, have a stiff papery texture. These plants are great additions to dried arrangements because they retain their fresh look and original color for several months or even years.

1.contains essential vitamins and minerals.
2.helping to relieve cough.
3.shortness of breath.
4.enhance vision.
5.Light herbal sweetness

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1. Place enough dry flower to cover the bottom of the cup with a single layer.

2. When these tiny bubbles cover the bottom of the pan, pour the water 100°c(212F) into the cup.

3. Cover and wait about 20 seconds until the dry flower begin to open, then watch as they settle, stroking the liquid occasionally with the lid.

4. In 30 seconds your first sip is ready.
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